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In care of<br>your smile

In care of
your smile

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About Us

Premium Dental is a friendly and welcoming environment where the whole family can receive the highest quality dental services and your well-being comes first.

In our work we combine a team of highly qualified specialists, premium/modern equipment, quality standards and service. For each client, we find individual solutions to achieve their wishes and, if necessary, alternatives. During the treatment, a microscope is used, which allows the work to be carried out with great precision.


Sabina Ivanova

Doctor has graduated from Riga Stradins University, Faculty of Dentistry, gained additional experience in certified courses and seminars. Main directions of work: aesthetic restoration of anterior teeth, restorations of posterior teeth, endodontic treatment. Constantly raises professional level by attending seminars and courses in Latvia and abroad. It is very important for the doctor that each patient understands the treatment process and feels safe. Communication in Latvian, Russian and English.



Ieva Adamsone-Vilemsone

Dentist-prosthetist with 23 years of experience in the field of dentistry and additional education in prosthetics, as well as 23 years of teaching experience in training young specialists in dentistry. Works with patients in therapeutic dentistry (dental restoration, root canal treatment, cosmetic restoration), surgical dentistry (tooth extractions), prosthetic dentistry (removable dentures, non-removable dentures). Doctor increases professional qualification independently. It is important for the doctor to understand the patient's health as a whole. Beautiful teeth and a healthy bite are like an indicator of the patient's well-being.



Sofija Gasilovska

Performs prevention, diagnosis and treatment of children's teeth and gum diseases starting from the first year of life. The doctor works with new technologies such as computer anesthesia (STA), nitrous oxide or "laughing gas", which makes the treatment funny and painless. Regularly acquires new professional skills and improves her skills at international conferences, courses and seminars. Sofija finds contact and approach to any child. Consults in Latvian, Russian and English.



Jelena Grigorjeva

Graduated from Riga Stradins University, Faculty of Dentistry, continues to improve her knowledge and skills at the Faculty of Medicine, as well as in seminars and international conferences. The main direction in dentistry is surgery. Treats both children and adults.



Jurijs Korsakovs

Dental clinic surgeon with 18 years of work experience. The doctor practices starting with simple tooth extractions up to complex bone augmentation procedures, performs placement of dental implants. The interaction between surgery and orthopedics is important to him: not only how to insert an implant, but the possibilities of future prosthetics. The doctor constantly improves his skills, participates in conferences and seminars in Latvia and abroad.



Evija Mailo

Certified dental hygienist. Studied at Riga 1st Medical School and Riga Stradins University. In 2011, she graduated from the distance learning course "Oral Health IV - a Community Perspective" at Dalarna University, in 2015 from the distance learning course "Health and Well-being" at Turku University of Applied Sciences. Works with both adults and children. Advises parents on dental care for babies. Teaches proper tooth brushing technique. Performs teeth whitening. Have written several publications in dental care and oral health journals.



Sabine Suntaza

Certified dental hygienist. Studied at Riga 1st Medical College and Riga Stradiņš University. Regularly attends conferences and seminars organized by associations of dental hygienists to improve qualifications. Consults on teeth whitening, teeth cleaning techniques and will help you choose the most suitable oral cavity care products for adults and children.



Solvita Surina

A specialist with more than 10 years of experience in the field of dentistry. Procedures are performed using a dental magnifying loupes, which provides a more detailed approach to work by the specialist and a healthier and more beautiful smile for the patient.

Solvita performs both hygiene procedures and whitening, as well as the innovative "ICON" @dmgamerica procedure, which allows you to get rid of white spots and initial caries without drilling.

Psychological approach to each patient, individually assessing needs. Works with science-based, practice-proven methods (evidence-based).

Chairman of the board of centralized exams (for hygienists) at Riga Stradins University, member of the course work committee.

Regularly completes qualifications in both Latvian and international courses and is actively involved in educating the public about proper oral health: "Ambassador of the International Oral Health Day"; you can also find out a lot of information on her Instagram profile @dentalhygienist_riga



Laila Ludbarža

Certified doctor in general dentistry and endodontics, lecturer at Riga Stradins University. The priorities of clinical work are the treatment and retreatment of tooth root canals using a microscope. A member of the Latvian Association of Dentists and the European Association of Endodontists, treatment is carried out using the guidelines established by the European Association of Endodontists. Improves practical and theoretical knowledge by participating in various Latvian and foreign conferences, seminars and clinical courses.



Paula Vanaga

Certified dentist with 10 years of experience and interest in aesthetic dentistry, including minimally invasive dentistry, teeth whitening, aesthetic tooth restoration with composite material, bonding, aesthetic prosthetics with veneers and crowns, straightening of tooth rows with Ordoline aligners. Dr.Paula Vanaga draws up and adjusts treatment plans according to the patients' aesthetic wishes and needs. The latest dental technologies are used in practice - 3D scanner, digital smile design, dental photography. Has offered quality care to more than 3,000 patients. Has acquired theoretical knowledge and skills at Riga Stradins University, ORIS MEDICAL in London, University of Oslo, Belograd Academy in Kyiv, Prague, Ordoline Academy in Vilnius.



During the visit, the dentist will fill in the information in the patient's card, perform a detailed examination of the oral cavity and teeth, take the necessary digital X-rays and provide a detailed consultation on the health of the teeth, and, if necessary, make a treatment plan.


Premium Dental oral hygiene is carried out in several steps:

  • staining of the soft plaque with an indicator;
  • tartar removal with an ultrasonic scaler and manual tools;
  • pigment removal with prophy-jet;
  • enamel polishing;
  • dental fluoridation.

After the procedure, the dental hygienist shows and teaches how to properly clean the teeth and dental gaps to prevent the development of caries and periodontal diseases, as well as helps to choose appropriate dental care products.


Bleaching is the safest, fastest and most effective way to change the color of your teeth. You will get a significantly higher degree of whiteness of your teeth. The specialists of our clinic offer two types of teeth whitening - whitening in the dentist's office and whitening at home. It is imperative to consult your dentist before teeth whitening, because it can only be performed if the teeth and gums are completely healthy. Caries treatment and oral hygiene should be performed before whitening.

Home bleaching

In order for you to be able to do teeth whitening at home, you need to remove the impressions of the whitening trays during the first visit to the doctor. They are made to individual order in the dental technical laboratory. After making the tray, the dentist selects a suitable whitening agent for the patient's teeth. Depending on the chosen product, bleaching with graves takes from two hours to 10 hours (overnight) over 10 days. Usually, this type of teeth whitening is repeated once every 1-2 years, when the original tone of the teeth is restored.

Office bleaching

This procedure takes place in the dentist's office and lasts an average of 1.5 hours. A high-concentration bleaching agent is applied to the teeth, which is activated with the help of a special lamp. Compared to whitening at home, the main advantage of teeth whitening in a clinic is the quick result and the fact that the procedure takes place under the supervision of a doctor.

  • After teeth whitening procedure teeth may be sensitive for the first few days. Toothpastes for sensitive teeth or flouride gel can be used to reduce this.
  • It should be noted that teeth whitening cannot result in lighter artificial tooth structures, such as fillings, crowns or other types of dental prostheses.
  • For 2 weeks after the procedure, it is recommended to avoid smoking and eating foods that stain the teeth, such as coffee, tea, red wine, beets, blueberries, etc.
General dentistry

Dental filling is not only the removal of tooth damage and filling with filling material, but also the restoration of the shape and function of the teeth. The filling material is selected according to the load of each tooth in the bite and the required aesthetics. In some cases, when the tooth defect is too large to be filled, ceramic fillings or onlays are recommended for the lateral teeth, which are made individually in the dental technical laboratory and later fixed on the teeth. Ceramic fillings are harder than conventional ones, they perfectly restore the anatomy of the tooth and the points of contact between the teeth, as well as evenly distribute the load over the entire surface of the tooth, thereby protecting the tooth from the risk of fracture. This is a modern, aesthetic, functional and long-lasting type of lateral tooth restoration.


Endodontics is the treatment of tooth root canals, which gives the possibility of keeping the tooth in the oral cavity. Our specialists perform it under the control of a microscope, which provides magnification, additional lighting and creates an opportunity to work with higher accuracy.

The number of endodontic treatment sessions depends on the diagnosis of the tooth and the anatomy of the root canals. First treatment is most often performed in 2 sessions, but in some cases it may be necessary to perform an additional treatment session.

Prosthetic dentistry

We choose the most advanced and sustainable dental prosthetics solutions to provide you with maximum comfort and top-class results.

Patients of our clinic have access to a full range of dental prosthetics procedures:

  • tooth restoration with crowns;
  • frontal teeth restoration with dental veneers;
  • replacement of missing teeth with non-removable prostheses;
  • replacement of missing teeth with removable prostheses;
  • restoration of a full row of teeth with total prosthesis;
  • restoration of partial tooth crown damage with inlays and onlays;
  • restoration of complicated occlusion defects.

Surgery includes performing various surgical manipulations in the oral cavity: tooth extraction, complicated wisdom tooth removal, lingual frenectomy, end resection of tooth roots, etc. A large section of surgery is implantology, which is the placement of biocompatible implants in the jaw bone, which after a period will be used as an artificial root to restore a tooth and fix a crown on it. It is not always possible to place the implant in one stage, sometimes a preparatory stage is necessary - restoration of bone height and width, gum plastic. Therefore, an individual and careful assessment of the situation is important if we want to achieve a functional, durable and aesthetic result.

Paediatric dentistry

The purpose of a child's first visit to the dentist is to get acquainted with the clinic, the dentist and the medical equipment in a friendly atmosphere, so that the next time they come to a place they already know. If the acquaintance is successful and the child allows it, a dental examination is performed, consultation and recommendations are provided.

We try to establish a special contact with the children, turning the visit to the doctor into an interesting game, watching the child's favorite cartoons and rewarding him for the work done. On the other hand, during a visit to the dental hygienist, the child's teeth will be cleaned and fluoride-containing products will be applied to protect against caries.

The actions performed at the hygienist can be considered as a way to teach the child not to be afraid of the manipulations performed at the dentist. Some children need several visits to a dental hygienist to prepare for a visit to the dentist and to have their teeth repaired. In order for the treatment to proceed as calmly as possible, we use the Wand STA device for anesthesia, which allows it to be performed without pain or a syringe.


  • General dentistry/ restorative treatment
  • General dentistry consultation 45-70.00 EUR
  • Extended specialist consultation (treatment plan, diagnostic modalities, photography) 100.00 EUR
  • Digital X-ray 13.00 EUR
  • Infiltration anaesthesia 13.00 EUR
  • Regional anaesthesia 15.00 EUR
  • Each additional anaesthetic carpule 3.00 EUR
  • Wand STA anaesthesia 18.00 EUR
  • Rubberdam 15.00 EUR
  • Composite tooth filling (single surface) 80.00 EUR
  • Composite tooth filling (two surfaces) 90.00 EUR
  • Composite tooth filling (three surfaces) 100.00 EUR
  • Composite tooth filling (four or more surfaces) 130.00 EUR
  • Restoration of a part of a tooth crown with composite material 150.00 EUR
  • Composite veneer 150.00 EUR
  • Correction of minor defects with flowable composite 60.00 EUR
  • Tooth replacement using fibreglass splint - adhesive bridge 300.00 EUR
  • Healing lining 10.00 EUR
  • Fiberglass post 35.00 EUR
  • Fiber post placement with core build-up 130.00 EUR
  • Temporary filling 15.00 EUR
  • Tooth filling with a therapeutic filling 70.00 EUR
  • Fluoride-containing sealing application to prevent tooth sensitivity (1 tooth) 10.00 EUR
  • Tooth white spots treatment using ICON1 tooth 75.00 EUR
  • Tooth white spots treatment using ICON for each additional tooth 15.00 EUR
  • Dental hygien
  • Professional dental hygiene 80.00 EUR
  • Professional dental hygiene with airflow 90.00 EUR
  • Repeat session of professional dental hygiene within 1 month 65.00 EUR
  • Professional dental hygiene procedure for patients with braces 90.00 EUR
  • Professional dental hygiene at the dentist 90.00 EUR
  • Airflow 35.00 EUR
  • Tiefenfluorid deep penetration fluoridation for one jaw 25.00 EUR
  • Tiefenfluorid deep penetration fluoridation for both jaws 50.00 EUR
  • Treatment of the tooth with a desensitising varnish 15.00 EUR
  • Removal of dental calculus from 1-4 teeth 20.00 EUR
  • Application of medication in the gum pocket 15.00 EUR
  • Swarovski tooth gem 30.00 EUR
  • Removal of dental gem, polishing, application of nourishing agent 15.00 EUR
  • Teeth whitening
  • Teeth whitening at home 260.00 EUR
  • Teeth whitening in the office with the Flaesh system 400.00 EUR
  • Whitening gel 1 syringe 25.00 EUR
  • Internal whitening of 1 non-vital tooth 60.00 EUR
  • Re-visit for internal whitening of a non-vital tooth 40.00 EUR
  • Endodontics
  • Restoration of a tooth before endodontic treatment Category 1 30.00 EUR
  • Restoration of a tooth before endodontic treatment Category 2 50.00 EUR
  • Acute pulp amputation visit 80.00 EUR
  • Mechanical treatment of canal (per canal) 60.00 EUR
  • Calcium hydroxide canal filling (per canal) 15.00 EUR
  • Coating of dental pulp with biomaterial 50.00 EUR
  • Perforation closure with MTA/Biodentine 60.00 EUR
  • Removal of an instrument from the canal 90.00 EUR
  • Removal of post from canal 75.00 EUR
  • Medication replacement for inflammatory processes 60.00 EUR
  • Session 1 for endodontic treatment of a single canal tooth 120.00 EUR
  • Session 2 for endodontic treatment of a single canal tooth 100.00 EUR
  • Session 1 for endodontic treatment of two-canal tooth 150.00 EUR
  • Session 2 for endodontic treatment of two-canal tooth 120.00 EUR
  • Session 1 for endodontic treatment of three-canal tooth 180.00 EUR
  • Session 2 for endodontic treatment of three-canal tooth 140.00 EUR
  • Session 1 for endodontic treatment of four-canal tooth 190.00 EUR
  • Session 2 for endodontic treatment of four-canal tooth 160.00 EUR
  • Session 1 for endodontic retreatment of a single canal tooth 150.00 EUR
  • Session 2 for endodontic re treatment of a single canal tooth 100.00 EUR
  • Session 1 for endodontic retreatment of two-canal tooth 180.00 EUR
  • Session 2 for endodontic retreatment of two-canal tooth 120.00 EUR
  • Session 1 for endodontic retreatment of three-canal tooth 240.00 EUR
  • Session 2 for endodontic retreatment of three-canal tooth 140.00 EUR
  • Session 1 for endodontic retreatment of four-canal tooth 270.00 EUR
  • Session 2 for endodontic retreatment of four-canal tooth 160.00 EUR
  • Paediatric dentistry
  • First visit to the clinic (adaptation, games, consultation) 50.00 EUR
  • Dental consultation for children under 13 40.00 EUR
  • X ray 13.00 EUR
  • Rubberdam 15.00 EUR
  • Dental hygiene up to the age 13 years 46.00 EUR
  • Dental hygiene from the age 13 years 56.00 EUR
  • Tiefenfluoride deep enamel penetration fluoridation 50.00 EUR
  • Silant 1 tooth 30.00 EUR
  • Infiltration anaesthesia 13.00 EUR (surface included)
  • Regional anaesthesia 15.00 EUR
  • WAND STA anaesthesia 18.00 EUR
  • Primary tooth filling Category I 50.00 EUR
  • Primary tooth filling category II 60.00 EUR
  • Primary tooth filling Category III 75.00 EUR
  • Therapeutic temporary filling IRM 40.00 EUR
  • Healing lining 20.00 EUR
  • Pulp amputation 45.00 EUR
  • Primary tooth metal crown 70.00 EUR
  • Extraction of a loose primary tooth 25.00 EUR
  • Primary tooth extraction 45.00 EUR
  • Complicated extraction of primary tooth 55.00 EUR
  • Sedation with nitrous oxide (laughing gas) 70.00 EUR
  • Prosthetic dentistry
  • Specialist consultation (drawing up a treatment plan, including diagnostic models, photography) 100.00 EUR
  • Diagnostic cast 20.00 EUR
  • Diagnostic wax-up for 1 tooth 30.00 EUR
  • Temporary crown 50.00-100.00 EUR
  • Metal-ceramic crown 370.00 EUR
  • Metal-ceramic crown with porcelain grade 420.00 EUR
  • Porcelain E-Max crown 550.00 EUR
  • Veneer 600.00 EUR
  • Monolithic zirconium crown 600.00 EUR
  • Zirconia ceramic crown 650.00 EUR
  • Porcelain inlay/onlay 450.00 EUR
  • Crown re-cementation 40.00 EUR
  • Crown removal 35.00 EUR
  • Root inlay for a frontal tooth 130.00 EUR
  • Root inlay for molar tooth 160.00 EUR
  • Zirconium inlay 340.00 EUR
  • Implant-supported constructions
  • Individual impression spoon for implant-supported prostheses 30.00 EUR
  • Metal-ceramic crown on implant 800.00 EUR
  • Zirconium crown on implant 900.00 EUR
  • Removable prosthesis on implants from 1500-4000 EUR
  • Individual metal abatement 300.00 EUR
  • Individual zirconium abatement 350.00 EUR
  • Removable prostheses
  • Single-tooth removable prosthesis 180.00 EUR
  • Partial denture from 400.00 EUR
  • Total denture from 450.00 EUR
  • Arched partial denture with metal frame 600.00 EUR
  • Arched partial denture with attachments 750.00 EUR
  • Arched partial denture with milling 620.00 EUR
  • Rebasing of the plate 100.00 EUR
  • Plate repair, tooth welding 80.00 EUR
  • Dental trays
  • Teeth whitening tray 120.00 EUR
  • Athletic colourless mouth guard 120.00 EUR
  • Athletic coloured mouth guard 130.00 EUR
  • Retainer 130.00 EUR
  • Teeth griding night guard 130.00 EUR
  • Dental surgery, implantology
  • Extraction of a an uncomplicated tooth 60.00 EUR
  • Extraction of a single-rooted tooth 75.00 EUR
  • Extraction of a multi-rooted tooth 95.00 EUR
  • Extraction of a complicated tooth 120.00 EUR
  • Extraction of a complicated tooth with root division 150.00 EUR
  • Removal of third molar (wisdom tooth) 150.00-200.00 EUR
  • Flap surgery 50.00 EUR
  • Apical surgery (root-end resection) 190.00 EUR
  • Tongue ligament surgery 100.00 EUR
  • Lip ligament reconstruction - surgical 80.00 EUR
  • Submucosal abscess opening 50.00 EUR
  • Sutures 25.00 EUR
  • Suture removal 15.00 EUR
  • Wound treatment 35.00 EUR
  • Implantation
  • Dental implant placement (depending on the type of implant) 850.00-935.00 EUR
  • Sinuslift surgery (Preparation of the sinus cavity for implant placement)/ without biomaterial 900.00 EUR
  • Bone augmentation procedure (bone augmentation) from 550.00 EUR
  • Dental implant uncovering with gum former 90.00 EUR
  • Orthodontics
  • Easy case (up to 3 month) 900.00-1200.00 EUR
  • Light case (3-7 month) 1700.00-2500.00 EUR
  • Medium case (up to 12 month) 3500.00 EUR
  • Complex case (12 month and more) 4000.00 EUR
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